Student Testimonials

This trip was one I’ll always remember fondly. Way, way, way too much to say. You have to come and experience it for yourself to believe it all. Every memory was priceless!! We were all a family by the end!! See you next summer for the Eastern Treasures in Europe, Christian!!! I’ll be trying to go on all the summer trips from now on as long as I can. It’s that much worth it!!

Jessica Phillips, Oklahoma City Community College

The Central European Trip that I took with College Backpackers, was the trip of a lifetime. Never would I have been able to experience such an incredible, and educational trip had it not been for this program. The culture, the food, the beauty of Central Europe has changed me forever. I would certainly travel with this group again. I am in deed grateful for this program, and would recommend it to anyone.

Trevor Rogers, University of Oklahoma

My traveling experience with College Backpackers was very enlightening. Not only were we able to get involved with the other cultures, but we were also taught how to navigate the huge, beautiful cities we visited. I learned so much and had an awesome time. I definitely plan on traveling with them again!

Brionna Duke, Seminole State College

The Eastern Treasures trip allowed me for my first time to visit over the Atlantic. It was by far my favorite vacation to date. The food was some of the best I have ever had and is quite unique. Also the scenery is breath taking. If given the opportunity again, I would definitely take it and highly recommend going.

Austin Diggs, University of Oklahoma

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